Ride with confidence.

Survue uses AI to detect vehicles, analyze vehicle course, and alert you of vehicles while recording any incidents. Cycle confidently and safely.


Survue detects vehicles in 3D and determines their course and speed. Survue differentiates between a vehicle approaching directly behind and a vehicle passing responsibly.


Survue uses a taillight pattern that increases its frequency as vehicles approach closer. Survue alerts the cyclist with multiple audio based upon vehicle course and proximity.


Survue automatically records events leading up to any collision or near miss on an onboard microSD card. In the event of the worst, you'll have the ability to hold motorists accountable.

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3.5" T x 2.0" W x 1.5" D


Connectivity to third-party apps


Up to 4 hours


105 grams


80 lumens, visible from 1 mile

Detection Distance

Up to 130 meters


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Keep customers safe. Ships free.

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Survue uses artificial intelligence to detect approaching vehicles. This technology is enabled by Coral. Coral is a platform for on-device AI from Google. At the heart of Survue and Coral accelerators is the Coral Edge TPU™. The Coral Edge TPU offers fast, efficient inference at the edge.

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Survue has launched a pilot program and is looking for riders that are interested in purchasing a pilot part for a deeply discounted price and supplying feedback. This feedback will help validate the technology, market, and create a more robust product.

We are a startup based in Maine that is developing smart bicycle taillight using cutting-edge computer vision techniques.

The idea conceived years ago while the founder, Josh Fox, was mentoring a high school robotics team using computer vision for targeting during the robotics games. Later Josh was towing his kiddo in a trailer down the street to a bike trail, frustrated by the lack of infrastructure and careless cars.

Years later the founder started tinkering with the idea and in the time between conception and application the technologies had matured enough to make it feasible.